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The joys of international youths have met with Yeosu!

It is a true youth festival by youths and for youths.
Adolescents, whoever they may be, are main characters of the stage called life.

청소년들이 점프하고 있는 모습

The history of the future belongs to the youth.
The International Youth Festival is suggesting a new paradigm of the festivals for youth by giving opportunities for the youth to be the cultural workers on their own, not letting them become just bystanders.
As this festival is not in a format of giving orders for projects, but of collecting common opinion, the adolescents’ eagerness is also flaming and passionate.

청소년들이 칠판에 그림 그리는 모습

Youth Gathering Festival, as a youth international interchange festival, has a concept of ‘moving cultural workshop’. The fact that youths from overseas such as America, China, Japan, Mexico, and Russia, and youths from Korea, in total of 400 youths, are directing and participating is its notable characteristic. Because the progress method is interesting it had good ratings. The ‘Butterfly Effect Project’, that travels island areas with beautiful views, that is not only within Yeosu city, but also places like Geumodo Island and Sado Island, by public transportation, and formed of 40 teams that has formed transcending the limits of race and nationality, has shown the greatest participation rates, so it has become a representative project.

Youths have become principal agents to make music, photographs, and videos through workshops, and the results have been displayed in this festival, which has received applause and cheers from the audience.

There is also ‘Globbish’ Workshop, where you only speak with 1500 English words, recycled musical instrument workshop, which uses objects that are thrown away and waste material, ‘Opening Talk’, a talk show with the topic of changes in marine environment and peace, ‘Play Yeosu’, a flash mob where everyone takes a same action, and many more various programs that piqued the interest of visitors.

Yeosu International Youth Festival, especially, is an opportunity to enjoy both creative learning and relaxation for family unit participators, with adolescents and parents, as it is hosted all over Yeosu, where you can enjoy the southern sea’s views to your heart’s content, during the festival period, which is the summer vacation peak season.It has heightened its participation rate through arranging performances that one can participate on spot and various workshops. The greatest merit of Yeosu International Youth Festival lies in that, through program formation where the whole family can participate in, it eliminates the generation gap and gifts to the participators a touching moment where family love can be reconfirmed.

외국인들과 사진 찍고 있는 모습
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