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Yeosu International Tall Ship Festival that displays fantastic seas!

Sailboats with sails, just like the ones seen in movies and novels~
Fairy-tale like and movie-like things happen in Yeosu!

여수국제범선축제 - 돛을 단 범선 풍경

What would they feel if they get to see the Yeosu harbor full of the tall ships with sails from the movies and novels, and the ships are holding the international tall ship festival? The fairy-taleish and theatrical thing comes true in the new Yeosu harbor in May biennially.
The harbor with the exotic view with rare tall ships and navy battleships also provides opportunities to watch race parades of the ships.

범선 출항 퍼레이드 모습

범선 출항 퍼레이드 모습

범선 출항 퍼레이드 모습

The main events are displaying sail boat mast·lighting, sail boat departure parade, sail boat display to the public, and crewmen event hall parade, and civilian participation events such as sail boat boarding experience is being progressed. People who participate in Yeosu International Tall Ship Festival can experience that the world can be one through sail boats, and through active and adventurous experiences it provides an especially good experience for children’s education. The sail boat display to the public event is especially popular. You can be a main character from a fairy tale or a movie and go up on board, look throughout the ship, take photos, and talk with foreign crew members.

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